Jennifer Aniston stepping out on John Mayer

While John Mayer is earnestly doodling an engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston on his Trapper Keeper, she’s been spotted out with another man. Sources for E!’s Ted Casablanca caught Jen leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night with a dude who supposedly makes Brad Pitt look like, well, John Mayer:

J.A. was “absolutely radiant and ravishing” as she held tight to her man-date, exiting the posh bad-girl’s hang for babes like Sienna and Lindsay. And he wasn’t one of her gay pals or John Mayer, thong-wearer and dubious starlet escort. Nope, the guy in questions was a taller, darker and handsomer babe who held his honey tight, protected and away from peeping eyeballs like yours and mine.
In fact, we’re assured the mystery man is mucho miles ahead of Mayer in the looks department, so maybe there’s hope for Ms. A. one-upping that bitch Angie, after all, let’s pray, OK?

Oh, I see how it is. Jennifer Aniston stars in the No. 1 holiday movie in America and suddenly John Mayer’s chopped liver. – – Actually, that makes all kinds of sense. Good call.

Photos: Splash News
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