Wentworth Miller – No More Prison Break!

Say goodbye to his Michael Scofield, the character Wentworth Miller portray on the TV show “Prison Break”. FOX has announced that it is canceling the popular television show after only being on the air for three years. Prison Break’s executive producer Zack Estrin told E!:

Weíve always known that this would probably be our last season. And weíve been approaching the stories as such. It was, and is, very important to the writers that this show have an ending. A completed story. Our fans have been so loyal and invested. We owe it to them as well as to these characters. And to just keep this tale spinning along forever would be irresponsible. Safe is never terribly interesting. Safe may last a little longer, but will it be remembered 10 years from now? I donít know. But I believe Prison Break will be remembered. Has it been perfect? Of course not. But itís been unique. Itís been provocative. Itís been iconic. And, most importantly, itís been entertaining. At the end of the day, isnít that the point of it all?

You can catch the final episodes of the hit TV series when they begin airing April 17 on FOX.

Well… Shit! Just Shit, this news just ruined my Saturday morning. I really liked “Prison Break”! Now what am I going to watch on Monday’s? Well, at least NBC hasn’t canceled “Heroes”, yet.

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