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Megan Fox is hot!

Megan Fox is looking really good lately as she runs around performing a few errands. Too bad she is dating that douche Brian Austin Green. Hey Megan, give me a call when you ditch that loser.

Miranda Kerr in a bikini

Victoria Secret’s model Miranda Kerr poses in a bikini for the latest catalog. Orlando Bloom is one lucky guy.

Scarlett Johansson has no website!

Scarlett Johansson found time to enjoy Fashion Week in Milan. Yet for some odd reason she can not find time to place a website on her recently won domain name, Hey Scarlett, where is your website?

Christina Aguilera’s Nipple Rings

Christina Aguilera stated that she was going to cease to wear a nipple ring. Maybe she will, maybe she will change her mind. I don’t really care, I just that whatever it is she does, that she continues to not wear a bra. Enjoy the Christina Aguilera nipple pics.

Elisha Cuthbert In Complex Magazine

The very beautiful Elisha Cuthbert graces the cover of Complex magazine next month. In the article, Elisha Cuthbert explains that she uses body doubles for her nude scenes (insert sad face). Oh well, thanks to Hollywood’s movie magic I’ll probably not be able to tell. I still can’t get the image of Elisha Cuthbert standing […]