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Paris Hilton Gets a Pink Bentley

The world’s number one attention-whore Paris Hilton has just received a brand new bright pink Bentley. Apparently, the luxury car with a custom pink paint job wasn’t enough. Paris Hilton is also adding a $280,000 diamond-encrusted dash to her pink mobile.

Paris Hilton Forgot Her Bra

It must be really chilly in London today, you can tell because Paris Hilton is wearing gloves. Apparently. Paris Hilton forgot to put her bra on this morning before she stepped out into the chilly streets of London. This of course would not normally be a problem, but she just happened to be wearing a […]

Paris Hilton Is A Racist

Author Mark Ebner’s Hollywood tell-all book “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton” hits store shelves next week. The juiciest parts of the book come from an interview with Darnell Riley, a man who supposedly purchased 14 hours of Paris Hilton home videos from some Russian thieves. Hmmm…. How can we get in touch with this Russian […]

Paris Hilton does Sundance

These are shots of Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah over the weekend. Because when I work my ass off trying to get a movie made, nothing makes me feel better than the undeserved celebrity of a billionaire’s daughter. But, no, seriously, how does Paris Hilton walk around and not […]

Paris Hilton is both a joy and a pleasure to wait on

Paris Hilton spent over two hours shopping at Arcade in Beverly Hills yesterday. And by shopping I mean she tried on clothes in the dressing room then tossed them on the floor for the peasants to bag up. Afterward, she handed her credit card out through the curtain which is, actually, kind of courteous hygienically […]