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Amanda Bynes In Legal Trouble

Amanda Bynes was spotted relieving a little bit of stress, shopping in West Hollywood yesterday. Apparently, the ex-Nickelodeon hottie is being sued by Shari Landon because of a multiple car accident she was involved in. According to TMZ, “It was a multiple car collision at a very busy intersection in Beverly Hills. We’re told it […]

Paris Hilton Is A Racist

Author Mark Ebner’s Hollywood tell-all book “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton” hits store shelves next week. The juiciest parts of the book come from an interview with Darnell Riley, a man who supposedly purchased 14 hours of Paris Hilton home videos from some Russian thieves. Hmmm…. How can we get in touch with this Russian […]

Val Kilmer Stars as the New Batman

I sincerely apologize, Val Kilmer will not be starring as the new batman. It was a typo, Val Kilmer will be starring as the new Fatman. What the fuck happend to you?! Val Kilmer was an awesome action movie star in such films as Willow (yeah, you remember Willow), The Saint, Batman, just to name […]

Amy Winehouse: Re-devoted wife?

Amy Winehouse’s schizophrenia has kicked back in, and she’s no longer trashing husband Blake Fielder-Civil who filed for divorce after she very publicly had a relationship with “actor” Josh Bowman in St. Lucia. Amy’s still on the island where The Sun caught up with her for an interview. Here’s the crazy Amy spewed when she […]

Joaquin Phoenix a bum?

Joaquin Phoenix made his musical debut Friday night at Vegas night club LAVO, and surprise! He’s a homeless rapper. The Oscar nominee jumped around the stage while performing/smoking for a perplexed crowd who have vowed never to take Ecstacy again. On the sidelines, brother-in-law Casey Affleck filmed the whole thing for a documentary I can […]