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Jessica Alba’s New Movie “Dear Eleanor” Looks Interesting

Jessica Alba is starring in a new movie called “Dear Eleanor”, the movie is about two teenage girls who travel across the U.S. in 1962 in search of Eleanor Roosevelt. You can read more about the movie here on IMDB¬†or watch the trailer below. [Show as slideshow]  

Paris Hilton Forgot Her Bra

It must be really chilly in London today, you can tell because Paris Hilton is wearing gloves. Apparently. Paris Hilton forgot to put her bra on this morning before she stepped out into the chilly streets of London. This of course would not normally be a problem, but she just happened to be wearing a […]

Amanda Bynes Shows Some Leg

Amanda Bynes shows off a little leg while leaving a night club with a friend, her friend looks fucking miserable. I guess going to a night club with a friend as cute as Amanda Bynes could be rather depressing. There is just something about the ex-Nickelodeon star that I find appealing, damned if I know […]

Amanda Bynes is kind of awesome

Amanda Bynes has ended things with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt who she believes was using her for “her celebrity,” according to Us Magazine: “She ended it. She had had enough,” a source close to the actress tells “Her friends didn’t trust him. Everyone thought he was using her for celebrity. He was not good, and […]

Paris Hilton is both a joy and a pleasure to wait on

Paris Hilton spent over two hours shopping at Arcade in Beverly Hills yesterday. And by shopping I mean she tried on clothes in the dressing room then tossed them on the floor for the peasants to bag up. Afterward, she handed her credit card out through the curtain which is, actually, kind of courteous hygienically […]