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Lady Gaga Dressed to Kill

These pictures were recently taken of Lady Gaga while she was in merry old (and cold) England. From the looks of these pictures, Gaga must have been there fighting crime or using super powers of some kind. She looks like she was stripped right out of a comic book.

Whitney Port Nip Slip

New and more provocative paparazzi shots were taken of Whitney Port while in Miami filming scenes for her MTV reality show, The City. Whitney Port had this to say about the incident on her blog: “Okay so a couple photos were captured while I was in Miami that weren’t the most discreet and I’m sorry […]

Whitney Port Spied Faking It

These photos were taken while Whitney Port was filming scenes for her new “reality” show The City. Notice how the guy in the black shirt comes in during Whitney’s conversation with the young actor to tell her what to say. What kind of reality is that?

Chloe Sevigny is either the hot one or the ugly one, internal struggle ensues

HBO premiered the third season of Big Love at the Arclight Theater in LA last night, and apparently, Chloe Sevigny thought Rome was coming back because she toga’d that shit up. Nice? In the meantime, I included pics of the other “wives” (Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn) along with Amanda Seyfried just for the hell […]

Kim Kardashian loves steak

Here’s Kim Kardashian at STK in West Hollywood last night. The girl likes her meat, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Except she’s filming a workout video, and her butt could theoretically double as a wrecking ball. Which would, actually, be all kinds of awesome. That way when people ask “Why the fuck is the […]