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Megan Fox a Tranny?

Megan Fox took time to talk about her body with reporters at the Golden Globes. The Sun is reporting: She said: “I am pretty sure I am a doppelgänger for Alan Alda. I’m a tranny. I’m a man. I’m so painfully insecure. I’m on the verge of vomiting now. I am so horrified that I […]

Brad Pitt is Not an Ass

Brad Pitt was attending HBO’s Golden Globes party when a drunk lady came up and started heckling the superstar. This Is London is reporting that a source told them: “Brad was enjoying a cocktail and chatting with friends at party when this woman, who was clearly drunk, approached him. She went on and on about […]

Heath Ledger Wins Golden Globe

Heath Ledger was posthumously honored with a best supporting actor Golden Globe for his amazing performance as The Joker in The Dark Night. The award was accepted on his behalf by director Christopher Nolan, who said: “On behalf of all of us who worked with Heath on Dark Knight, I accept this with mix of sadness […]