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Miley Cyrus Does Free Bird

Miley Cyrus was seen showing off a new (old) look. While it may look like Miley is just going through an identity crisis typical of her age, she may just preparing for her future trailer park existence sitting in a lawn chair in front of her double-wide.

Demi Lovato Wants Obama to End Iraq War Now

Disney star Demi Lovato is confident Barack Obama will bring the changes necessary to our country, reports the Associated Press: “Well, our economic system is in a crisis right now,” Lovato, 16, said Friday in an interview. “I definitely hope that that will change. Also … I hope that the war resolves. Whether we win […]

Nick Jonas For President

Nick Jonas recently told the AP that he dreamed of becoming president as a child. “My goal was to become a president one day,” the 16-year-old musician-actor and all-around teen heartthrob said in an interview on Friday. “I’ve kind of been thinking about it since the time I was 7.” The Jonas Brothers are playing […]